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20 - 26 May 1999
Issue No. 430
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In the second part of an occasional series on Egypt's "foreign communities", Fayza Hassan traces the history of a people clinging to their customs
ArmeniansLittle Armenia

Since the fall of communism, the Armenians of the diaspora are at liberty to return to their country, yet many are choosing not to. Some claim that it is too early, others that it is too late. The Armenians of Egypt go for a visit and come back, happy to resume the life they have made for themselves here. With their churches, clubs and organisations, they have created a home away from home



A nation of the heart

Vizirs and artisans, skilled craftsmen of states and cities, Egypt's Armenians have ensured their community's survival -- and kept its history alive



Community interests

Nora Keuhnelian pauses at some Armenian milestones

Saroukhan Alexandre Saroukhan

Alexandre Saroukhan (1898-1977) was born in the city of Batoum by the Black Sea. He spent his adolescence in Istanbul; after the massacres of the Caucasus, he escaped to Vienna, where he studied drawing. He was lured to Egypt with false promises of a good job. --read on--

SaroukhanVaroujan Kazandjian:

Diamond in the rough

Profile by Fayza Hassan


Armenians in Egypt