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8 - 14 July 1999
Issue No. 437
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Apartheid by any other name
Why the rush to embrace Barak? Gamil Mattar sees only a racist in dove's clothing
On the eve of his departure
Barak has taken his time, writes Abdel-Qader Yassin; and the battle is not yet begun
Restructuring the UN
The UN was conspicuously absent from the resolution of the Kosovo crisis, highlighting its own deep crisis. Mohamed Sid-Ahmed discusses the need for a new approach to the UN veto prerogatives as the key to updating the organisation's role

A chosen community,
an exceptional burden

In the third part of a series, Abdelwahab Elmessiri explains why Jewish communities fit the functional group paradigm

Close up
By Salama Ahmed Salama
Carpe diem
In a discussion of economic conditions in Egypt and the world held recently at the Mubarak Library, Kamal Darwish, vice-president of the World Bank, brought to the attention of the journalists and intellectuals who were present the problem of ageing societies that currently faces developed industrial countries, and especially Western societies. --read on--

A slip of the tongue

Naguib Mahfouz
The pulse
of the pen

A young man recently asked me: "How are you able to write of people's hope and pain, their joys and sorrows, in this way? --read on--

and reality

Abdel-Alim Mohamed

This week:
Sheikh Gaber Al-Sabah



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