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8 - 14 July 1999
Issue No. 437
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Ragab Abdel-Fattah LAST WEEK Mrs Suzanne Mubarak inaugurated the Denshway Museum in Monoufiya to commemorate the famous Denshway incident when seven peasant were hanged by the British in 1906. A number of distinguished Egyptian artists were commissioned to produce artistic works for the museum, based on a chronology of the event compiled by historian Younan Labib Rizq. Among the artists who contributed were Mohamed El-Tarrawi, Sabri Mansour, Ibrahim Ghazala, Hassan Abdel-Fattah and Ahmed Nabih.

Mohamed El-Tarrawi's contribution (opposite) consists of two large paintings, Sheikh Al-Ghafar Bleeds and Officer Paul, depicting, respectively, the plight of a country bailiff wounded at the hands of the British, and the image of the British coloniser embodied in this ruthless officer.

Reviewed by Nagwa El-Ashri



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