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21 - 27 October 1999
Issue No. 452
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Round one to Turabi
Though the founding conference of the National Congress in Sudan ended in a compromise settlement between President Omar Al-Bashir and his rival Hassan Al-Turabi, the dust has yet to settle, reports Mohamed Saleh from Khartoum
Unwelcome advances
Iran's rebuffal of the latest US overture bodes ill for hopes of improved relations, writes Azadeh Moaveni

Reinforcement tour
US Defence Secretary William Cohen is expected to ask Gulf leaders to back US plans to topple Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein during his fourth tour of the region this year, writes Sherine Bahaa

Algerian split averted
A recent meeting between Algerian President Abdel-Aziz Bouteflika and his army chief-of-staff, Mohammed Lamari, aimed at calming fears of a split between the president and the powerful military, reports Nasr El-Qaffas from Algiers
Playing with fire
Nobody is happy with the Israeli government's compromise for resolving the conflict in Nazareth. But there is now no Palestinian leadership left with the credibility to propose an alternative. Graham Usher reports from the largest and most troubled Palestinian town in Israel
Hamas offers truce
The radical Palestinian movement Hamas would be willing to halt attacks on civilians should Israel cease building settlements on the West Bank, reports Khaled Amayreh from Jerusalem
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Protests Reining in the strike down
The sanctioning of a demonstration and an official shift in tone suggests that prospects for the jailed Hamas leaders in Amman may be looking up, suggests Lola Keilani from the Jordanian capital

Withdrawal when?
While recent reports have suggested that an Israeli pullout from south Lebanon is in the offing, Lebanese officials remain sceptical, writes Ranwa Yehia from Beirut

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  • Mandela's dream
  • Kuwaiti liberties
  • Tunisian poll


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