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2 - 8 August 2001
Issue No.545
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Spreading light and knowledge

By Ibrahim Nafie

Selim Taqla (1875 - 1892); Bishara Taqla (1876 - 1901); Khalil Mutran (1901 - 1902)
Dawoud Barakat (1901 - 1933); Antoune El-Gumayel (1933 - 1948); Aziz Merza (1948 - 1954)
Ahmed El-Sawi (1949 - 1957); Mohamed Hassanein Heikal (1957 - 1974); Ali Amin (1974 - 1974)
Ahmed Bahaaeddin (1974 - 1975); Youssef El-Sebaie (1976 - 1978); Ali Hamdi El-Gammal (1975 - 1979)

Ibrahim Nafie (1979 - present)
As we commemorate the 125th anniversary of Al-Ahram, we have much for which to be thankful. Since it was established on 5 August 1876, Al-Ahram has gone from strength to strength. The seeds that were sown over a century ago have grown into a magnificent tree with innumerable branches reaching out in all directions, spreading light and knowledge.

The daily Al-Ahram, which is both the oldest Egyptian and Arab newspaper, is acknowledged to be one of the world's leading dailies.

Among the Al-Ahram Organisation's diverse publications are Al-Ahram Al-Iqtisadi, a weekly economic magazine, Al-Siyassa Al-Dawliya (International Politics) a quarterly journal and the Arab Strategic Report. Its periodicals cover a broad spectrum including the publications issued by the Centre for Political and Strategic Studies, Al-Shabab, a youth magazine, the women's magazine, Nisf El-Donia; Al-Ahram Al-Arabi, a weekly magazine dealing with Arab affairs, Al-Ahram Al-Riyadi sports magazine; the children's magazine Alaaeddin; Al-Bayt, dedicated to interior design; a modern technology publication, Lughat Al-Asr, the evening paper Al-Masa'i, Al-Ahram Hebdo in French and Al-Ahram Weekly in English.

The international edition of Al-Ahram is available to readers in the US, Europe, Canada, North and West Africa at the same time of the day as the daily newspaper becomes available to its readers in Egypt. Most of Al-Ahram's publications have their own sites on the Internet.

In recent years Al-Ahram has completely modernised its premises, its operation systems and its printing press. A state of the art printing house was built in the satellite 6 October City. The printing facilities on Al-Galaa Street are all automated via computer controlled systems. We were the first newspaper in the Middle East to introduce a system for the inclusion of supplements and advertisements.

Thanks to the new printing press in Qalyoub, we are now able to publish two dailies, a morning and evening paper, two weeklies (one in English and one in French), 17 magazines and periodicals of various periodicity.

As Al-Ahram continues to surge forwards towards completion of its second century, we felt that it owes its readers a review of its century and a quarter. A history of its milestones along with key facts and figures are provided to shed light on the evolution of the paper and the organisation. As you read about the changes in the rhythm Al-Ahram's development and its leaps forward, our process of modernisation continues as we strive to keep pace with the changing times.

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