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Published in Cairo by AL-AHRAM established in 1875
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Pursuing the peace option
Eleventh-hour consultations may yet succeed in averting war in the region, writes Ibrahim Nafie

Hopes and gestures
A gesture towards Palestinian reform in London, a gesture to Palestinian hopes in Tel Aviv. Does either carry substance, asks Graham Usher in Jerusalem

CHILDREN AND WAR, the International Committee of the Red Cross campaign launched last year, will begin activities in Egypt on 24 January --caption--


Edward Said:
An unacceptable helplessness
Ibrahim Nafie:
Israel post-elections
Anouar Abdel-Malik:
Thought in a time of war
Ayman El-Amir:
Barbarians at the gate
Hassan Nafaa:
A year of living dangerously
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Impeding disaster
President Mubarak has warned that an American war against Iraq would serve no purpose but pour fuel over a fire. Meanwhile, inter-Arab efforts continue to prevent such a disaster, reports Nevine Khalil

A new beginning?
Although Cairo is adamant about steering clear of the upcoming Sudanese peace talks, it still wants to be involved in helping to resolve the conflict. Soha Abdelaty reports

Interpellation jam
A three-year confrontation between the government and parliamentary opposition reached a fiery crescendo this week. Gamal Essam El-Din looked on

Brotherhood barred at the poll
The Wafd Party routed the banned Muslim Brotherhood in last week's Damanhour by-election. But did they?

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Blood for votes
Additional Palestinian lives are sacrificed to the Israeli election campaign, writes Khaled Amayreh from occupied Jerusalem

Edging towards the abyss
There is more than meets the eye to recent events in Yemen, writes Fahmy Howeidy

Dance of defiance
Not if, but when. Not why, but how. Nyier Abdou finds Washington and Baghdad still locked in the same decade-old rhetoric

Jockeying for position
Iraqi opposition figures have their eyes on the prize as they put their best foot forward in the contest for the US administration's favour. Dina Ezzat reports

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The enemy within
Hindu nationalists have formulated a new ideological platform centred around fighting terrorism that could spell disaster for India's Muslim community, reports Saba Naqvi from New Delhi

One year in limbo
A year after Al-Qa'eda suspects were whisked off to a US naval facility at Guantanamo Bay, the world seems to have forgotten about their continued detention without charge, writes Anayat Durrani

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Iraq: Blair's Suez?
George Galloway talks to Omayma Abdel-Latif in Cairo about the future of the Middle East, the Anglo-American alliance, the impending war on Iraq and division within the British Labour Party's ranks


A double-edged sword?
The draft unified banking law has many positive aspects but it may undermine the central bank's autonomy, Mahmoud Fahmy, CBE board member, tells Aziza Sami

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Sayed El- Guindi
Sayed El- Guindi:
Pathways of experience
Profile by Khairya Khairy

Restaurant review
Going shopping
Injy El-Kashef spends a whole lot of money -- again


Lubna Abdel- Aziz
The need to be human

By Lubna Abdel-Aziz

Plain Talk
By Mursi Saad El-Din

The human condition

Injy El-Kashef

Confessions of a pilgrim
Nora Armani is talented, determined and ready to strike back: Youssef Rakha joins her on the multinational couch

Excluding the magic
What to do with The Magic Flute? Not totally subvert it, suggests Amal Choucri Catta
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A family affair

Divorce, alimony, custody disputes and violence within the family are among the plethora of cases to be dealt with by a new court, which will include sitting women justice. Reem Leila investigates

Fluke or fake?

A relic of the brother of Jesus has been on show in Toronto. Jill Kamil visited the exhibition and reports on the controversy it has aroused



The grip of it

Medhat Fawzi shows Youssef Rakha the identity of life and theatre

Perfect dozen
Ahli broke a local league record and remained atop the football table. Abeer Anwar reports on the achievements


Moving mountains

If you only have as much faith as a grain of mustard seed you can move a mountain, Jesus said. Jenny Jobbins visited Muqattam to see how they do it

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