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The madness of Baghdad
The greatest obstacle to a peaceful resolution of the Iraqi crisis is the vain posturing of its political elite, writes Ibrahim Nafie

Johnson and Bush
In a continuing series of articles, Abdel-Moneim Said explores the impact of 11 September on Washington's views of the world

Promoting Egyptian-European relations
In the context of a visit to Brussels of a delegation of the Egyptian Council of Foreign Affairs, Mohamed Sid-Ahmed delivered, on 20 January, an address on peace and war in the region, as events in both Iraq and Palestine reach a critical threshold. Below is a summarised version of the text

The French Connection
Ayman El-Amir believes that a war on Iraq is not inevitable

Stuck in the middle
Abdullah El-Ashaal argues that the strength of Israel's democracy lies in its treatment of its Arab minority

The legacy of Jean-Paul Sartre
Until European intellectuals take on board the racist basis of the Jewish State, their support for the struggle of the Palestinians will always ring hollow, writes Joseph Massad

Cartoon by Gomaa

This week:

Butcher at the helm
The international humanitarian organisation Christian Aid this week released a report detailing the plight of the Palestinian people...

Close up
Actions and words
While President Bush and his secretary of state continue to insist that they remain amenable to a peaceful solution of the Iraqi crisis the actions of the current US administration indicate only that the headlong desire to rush to war far outweighs any counsel to pursue an alternative route...
By Salama A Salama

Cairo dialogue
Egypt has succeeded in bringing together 13 factions from across the Palestinian political spectrum for talks in Cairo that aim at creating a national frame of reference and an agreement on a basic plan for the course of the Palestinian struggle in the coming phase...
By Amr Elchoubaki

Hospital breakfasts
Thankfully I seem to be recuperating. My improved appetite indicates as much, anyway...
By Naguib Mahfouz

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