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Plea from Iraq

Voices from Baghdad are calling for peace, warning that war will be catastrophic not just for Iraq, but for the entire world, writes Michael Jansen in Baghdad

Toppling Saddam
Although US President George W Bush stopped short of a unilateral declaration of war on Iraq in his annual State of the Union address, all indications are that war is imminent, reports Khaled Dawoud from Washington

On record
Unleashing the genie
While no one can forecast with any degree of certainty the specific form of alignments among the various segments of the Iraqi population in the immediate aftermath of an American assault, mass actions encapsulating a volatile mixture of euphoria, anxiety about the future, attempts at redressing the grave injustices of more than three decades of tyranny and the joy of practicing freedom would almost certainly be the order of the day once the Iraqi people firmly believe that Saddam's days are numbered.
By Isam al-Khafaji

"We are all Iraqis"

Arab and Western human shields stream into Baghdad in a last bid of protest against an impending Anglo-American military onslaught. Omayma Abdel-Latif talked to key organisers on both sides

In solidarity
In a sign that anti-war sentiment in the Arab world is gaining new momentum, numerous protests were staged in Arab nations this week ahead of the UN weapons report to the Security Council -- perceived to be a key event in Washington's decision to declare war on Iraq...

Jumping the gun

A warning issued by the US State Department to Americans abroad is another indication that US preparations for war are going ahead at full speed, writes Nyier Abdou

Keeping the peace
Regional moves to avert war in Iraq have been plagued by a clash of agendas among the six countries that met in Istanbul this week. Gareth Jenkins reports

Old, but still kicking

With US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld's dismissal of "Old Europe" unleashing a storm of protest in France, European hostility to an American-led war on Iraq is growing, writes David Tresilian in Paris

Winning hearts and minds
The United States is launching a multi-million dollar campaign to improve its image in the Muslim world. Aziza Sami examines the tactics being employed

Clash of the titans?
Russians feel that the US's stance on Iraq is merely the prelude to a much greater strategic initiative in the region. Shohdy Naguib reports from Moscow

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