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Beyond logic
The onus is on Washington to correct the mistakes that led to the Iraqi tragedy, writes Ibrahim Nafie

A war like no other
But not quite as it was trailed. Hani Shukrallah looks back from the perspective of day six

Banning war
Mohamed Sid-Ahmed warns that weapons of mass destruction are threatening the human race with extinction and believes the time has come to ban wars altogether

The death of the UN (redux)
The 'New World Order' proclaimed by Bush Sr in 1991 only took hold this week, writes Jean Allain

End of the Arab order?
Will the Arab region withstand the crises it is currently facing? Hassan Nafaa explores its past and current predicaments

Barbaric ambition
As the missiles started dropping on Iraq, Noam Chomsky wrote down his thoughts

Iraq and the inspectors
Looking back at the UN inspection process in Iraq, Fawzi H Hammad , former president of Egypt's Atomic Energy Authority, assesses the cooperation balance sheet

Hi-tech quagmire
The war against Iraq was no picnic, and the bombs were not as smart as they were billed to be. Azmi Bishara says the solidarity with Iraq has paid off

A just future for Iraq
Iraq must remain united and free once the guns fall silent. Taha Abdel-Alim calls for Arab action

Cartoon by Gomaa

Uniting for peace
he world watches powerlessly as the American and British military unleash their full force on Iraq...

Close up:
No picnic
There is no doubt that the US and Britain possess unmatched military and combative skills and capabilities...
By Salama A Salama

Kinship of the poor
When in 1990 the French proposed an international conference to address conflicts involving Palestine and Iraq it was met with an unequivocal response from President Bush Sr...
By Soheir Mursi

Immoral war
An overwhelmingly powerful state attacking a far from powerful country without legal or even moral justification: what a monstrosity it is...
By Naguib Mahfouz

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