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Document: Statement by the Judges of Egypt

The Judges Club, the institution to which all Egyptian judges belong in lieu of a syndicate, issued a statement condemning the US/British invasion of Iraq. Below, a translation of the full text:

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The judges of Egypt,

Having debated the ongoing aggression against the Arab and Muslim people in Palestine and Iraq, its openly colonial and Zionist motives, and the clear desire of the aggressors to reshape the region in order to achieve Israeli hegemony and protect US interests under the pretext of ridding our people of despotic rulers, who remain in their seats for life and bequeath them to their descendants, and who rig elections and rule with despotic and extraordinary laws;

And having reflected on the great stances taken by the peoples of this [Arab] nation, with the peoples of Palestine and Iraq at their forefront;

And [having reflected] as well upon the stand of Arab governments, which is largely content to reject aggression in words and maintain the oppression of their peoples in deed --

The Judges,

Having reflected upon all this, their deliberations concluded in the following:

First, the most fundamental reason behind the ongoing calamity is the debility of the [Arab] nation. There can be no dignity or freedom for a nation that fails to protect the freedom and dignity of its citizens. The proscription of true democracy is a huge error, equal to the premeditated murder of the nation, making it easy prey to the enemy.

Second, it is the duty of Arab and Muslim governments to declare their hostility to the countries taking part in the aggression, led by the United States, and to use all means to fight against their schemes: to deny them military bases, facilities or to take part in military exercises with them. And to offer all means of assistance to the Iraqi people and their government, and to the Palestinian people and Palestinian resistance.

Third, it is the duty of Arab and Muslim peoples, as of all peoples that have a commitment to humanity, to do everything within their power to repel the current aggression; to declare their hostility to those who wage it; to denounce those who decline to act to stop it. They should raise their voices with all possible legitimate means, showing due concern to the safety of their communities and the immunity of private and public property.

Fourth, the judges of Egypt express their great appreciation of the positions of the Pope of Rome, the Christian Orthodox churches of Russia, Greece, and Egypt, and of Protestant churches throughout the world;

They regard the words of righteousness uttered by them in the face of tyranny is the best form of Jihad urged by the Prophet Mohamed, God's prayers and peace be upon him.

The judges of Egypt salute the stand taken by the world's peoples, especially in the US and Europe, as well as the positions of the governments that stood against the violation of international legitimacy, particularly those of France, Russia, Germany, and Belgium. All have shown themselves exemplary defenders of legitimacy and the rule of law, thus proving that the ongoing war is an imperialist, not a religious war, nor a war between civilisations.

Signed on behalf of the Judges by:

President of the Club of Judges


Zakaria Ahmed Abdel-Aziz

24 March 2003

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