Al-Ahram Weekly Online   3 - 9 April 2003
Issue No. 632
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Published in Cairo by AL-AHRAM established in 1875
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Forewarned, not forearmed
Ibrahim Nafie recalls recent questions posed by Al-Ahram writers in Washington on the eve of war

Betwixt and between
The war in Iraq spells trouble at home,says Hassan Nafaa

The post-war map
Mohamed Sid-Ahmed probes possible scenarios for the post-Iraqi war situation

Lessons learned
Right-wing America has already lost the war, writes Mohamed El-Sayed Said , but humanity has yet to win it

A matter of relevance
The US may want the UN to become irrelevant. But it cannot make it so if the rest of the world disagrees, says Abdel-Alim Mohamed

Beyond fear
Hassan Abu-Taleb explores the reasons for the Iraqis' tenacious resistance to US forces

Not for oil alone
The invasion of Iraq, Azmi Bishara argues, involves grander designs than controlling the Arab country's oil

War by example
The exemplary nature of the US invasion of Iraq bodes ill for the world's future, writes Roger Owen

Carpe diem
The war in Iraq affords the Arabs a golden opportunity to expose Israel's insidious influence on US foreign policy, Emad Gad argues

A campaign in shock
Military planners for the war in Iraq promised what they couldn't deliver. Their mishaps remind Ahmed Abdel-Halim . of another war

Document: Statement by the Judges of Egypt
The Judges Club, the institution to which all Egyptian judges belong in lieu of a syndicate, issued a statement condemning the US/British invasion of Iraq. Below, a translation of the full text

Trail of terror
Two weeks after US and British troops invaded Iraq without United Nations authorisation the heroic resistance of the Iraqi people continues...

Close up
The media and military
Baghdad's subjection to violent attack by heavy artillery and missiles is being accompanied by an equally vicious media war...
By Salama A Salama

Dilemma in the Gulf
Following the eruption of the US-Iraq crisis the Gulf states repeatedly that they would cooperate with US and British forces only if the Security Council issued a resolution sanctioning war...
By Magdi Mehanna

War and civilisation
Opposition to the Iraqi regime -- as embodied by Saddam Hussein -- is no longer the issue...
By Naguib Mahfouz

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Mohamed Said Al-Sahhaf

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