Al-Ahram Weekly Online   24 - 30 April 2003
Issue No. 635
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Closing ranks
The general post-war mood in the region is grim, causing several Arab leaders to close ranks and consult on the next stage of developments. Nevine Khalil reports on President Mubarak's first foreign post-war trip

Al-Sahhaf's legacy
The fall of Baghdad two weeks ago has, paradoxically, boosted the popularity of former Iraqi information minister worldwide. Gihan Shahine finds out why

Back in the limelight
The ruling party's influential Policy Secretariat is back in action, striving to prove that it is Egypt's most important decision-making body. Gamal Essam El-Din reports

The moral of the story
The ruling NDP says it is moving towards reform; independent and opposition pundits argue that it should be dissolved altogether, writes Gamal Essam El-Din

Freedom first
Two journalists have been on a hunger strike for a week to protest the unfair detention of their colleague. Mona El-Nahhas spoke to the two men

Saving the remains
Iraq's heritage has been looted and destroyed. Nevine El-Aref looks at Egypt's efforts to help restore and retrieve the treasures

Mummification's earliest traces
Saqqara has recently yielded two amazing archaeological finds -- the oldest-ever Ancient Egyptian mummy, and an interesting cemetery

Eleven members of Egypt's banned Muslim Brotherhood group were arrested on Monday, including Sobhi Saleh, the under-secretary of the Alexandria Bar Association...

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