Al-Ahram Weekly Online   24 - 30 April 2003
Issue No. 635
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Killing as usual
Flying in the face of international, particularly American, efforts to restart the stalled Middle East peace process, Israel's policy of killing civilians and demolishing houses is proceeding at full speed. Khalid Amayreh reports from Nablus

Outliving memory
Jonathan Cook in Deir Yassin commemorates a massacre that in the collective Palestinian memory still reverberates with chilling significance

Why the US needs Syria
The "Syria-next" scenario has been avoided thanks to the efforts of President Bashar Al-Assad this week, writes Sami Moubayed in Damascus

A tactical move
Why all the fuss now about Abul-Abbas, asks Samia Nkrumah from Rome

If neither east nor west: what now for Turkey?
Rebuffed by the EU and sidelined by the US, Turkey appears increasingly isolated from its Western allies, but history and its own prejudices look set to prevent it from establishing closer ties with other countries in the region, writes Gareth Jenkins

Yemen's elections
Nearly eight million Yemenis will go to the polls on Sunday, to elect a new parliament, the third since the fledgling democracy started in 1990. Nasser Arrabyee reports from Sana'a

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