Al-Ahram Weekly Online   25 Sept. - 1 Oct. 2003
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Cleaning up America's mess
Washington sought world support for its unilateral invasion of Iraq, but the world declined to give the US an easy ride, writes Gamal Nkrumah

Bush back at the UN
US President George Bush urged the world to "move on" and offered no apologies for unilaterally invading Iraq in his wider war against "terror". Khaled Dawoud reports from Washington

Paris stands firm
France has insisted on the early transfer of Iraqi sovereignty before supporting any US resolution on Iraq, writes David Tresilian from Paris

Axial Pakastani concerns
Closer commercial and political Indo-Israeli bonds alarm Pakistan, reports Iffat Idris from Islamabad

One last tango in Cancun
How does Latin America fit into the new alignment of nations on world trade issues? Hisham El-Naggar wonders in Buenos Aires

Understanding Islam
The German Ministry for Foreign Affairs has opened a new section to promote inter-cultural dialogue. Gabriela Linda Guellil, deputy head of the Dialogue with the Islamic World, spoke to Mohamed Habib in Berlin

At it again
The detention of a US military Muslim chaplain suspected of spying for Al-Qa'eda triggers fear of growing anti-Muslim discrimination, reports Anayat Durrani from Washington

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