Al-Ahram Weekly Online   15 - 21 April 2004
Issue No. 686
Press review
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Bottom Lines

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in the Lebanese daily Al-Mustaqbal : more than a year after the war against Iraq, Bush The Thinker still ponders "why they hate us so."; Memorials pay tribute to those who died under Saddam Hussein... and George Bush. By Mustafa Ahmed in Al-Ittihad of the UAE

"The issue is not one of cancelling emergency laws. It is one of eradicating all laws and 'exceptional' circumstances which violate human rights." -- Salah Issa , Al-Wafd

"The Passion of the Christ does not incriminate all Jews everywhere but it does denounce despotism, savagery and hatred which induces bloodshed and destroys human life." -- Raouf Tawfiq , Al-Ahali

"The Passion is one of the worst films I've seen in the last few years." -- Mohamed Salmawy , Al-Ahram

"While it took the Iraqi regime three weeks to fall, it has been a year since the occupation and the Iraqi people are still resisting ferociously." -- Fahmy Howeidy , Al-Watan

"The Iraqis are giving the Americans a much tougher time than they expected but 'as tough as many others did expect'." -- Ahmed Youssef Ahmed , Al-Ittihad

"What we are seeing today is a confrontation between the world's mightiest army... and the population of one town... Falluja." -- Lebanese politician Walid Jumblatt in Al-Ra'i Al-Aam

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