Al-Ahram Weekly Online   2 - 8 September 2004
Issue No. 706
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Light at the end of the tunnel?
Prospects of ending the Sudanese political crisis are gaining momentum, but tensions remain, writes Gamal Nkrumah
Vicious circles
Hamas's vowed, but long-delayed, retaliation for the assassination of Sheikh Yassin and Abdul-Aziz Al-Rantisi kills 16 Israelis and wounds scores, reports Khaled Amayreh from Jerusalem
Death in Najaf
Iraqis are unsure about the outcome of the battle of Najaf, reports Nermeen Al-Mufti from the devastated holy city
Comment: Al-Sistani's triumph
Events in Najaf have highlighted the impotence of the interim Iraqi government and the strength of the country's religious authorities, writes Abbas Kadhim
Back to square one?
A suicide bombing in Beersheba overshadows Cairo's efforts to unify Palestinian ranks, and resume the peace process. Rasha Saad and Nevine Khalil report
Stuck in a limbo of torment
Gihan Shahine talks to families of Egyptian prisoners in Iraq, and listens to stories of extravagant torment
Setting the stage for 2005
Opposition parties are scrambling to unify their ranks before the ruling party's late September annual conference. Gamal Essam El-Din reports
'They can starve to death'
The second week of the Palestinian political prisoners hunger strike has taken its toll, reports Khaled Amayreh from the West Bank
Pulling at Lebanon's strings
Syria has made no friends in Lebanon or abroad by amending the Lebanese constitution to allow Emile Lahoud's term as president to be extended, reports Mohalhel Fakih from Beirut
Testing Arrow
A quiet but determined effort to develop the joint American-Israeli Arrow antiballistic missile is a worrying reminder of the growing military and strategic collaboration between Washington and Tel Aviv, writes Galal Nassar
Empowering the people
Taher Helmy charts a course for social and economic success through empowerment of the average citizen
Crouching tiger, hidden monkey
Youssef Rakha can barely cherish what few laughs he gets
In the pit of your stomach
Fatemah Farag reads a common history bound in tamarind and orange blossoms

ENOUGH TO GO ROUND? Sudanese refugees share a minimal meal near Kounoungo camp in Chad, 30 August...

Look again, Gandhi
by Jonathan Cook



A template for reform
The spirit and substance of Mubarak's guidelines for educational reform are readily transferable to other areas, writes Ibrahim Nafie
Their dog-eat-dog world
The cabal that four years ago took over the White House brought with them a philosophy of power which ought to be consigned to the dustbin of history, writes Mazin Qumsiyeh
Survival against the odds
Samir Ghattas discusses the puzzling phenomenon of the consummate durability of Sharon, Peres and Arafat
Racism within the ranks
Zionism also trampled over Arab Jews, writes Yehudith Harel
Manufacturing bugbears
The war on terror might be bogus, but modern great powers are adept at creating the conditions under which the patently false becomes horribly real, writes M Shahid Alam

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