Al-Ahram Weekly Online   19 - 25 January 2006
Issue No. 778
Published in Cairo by AL-AHRAM established in 1875


Decision time

By Imhotep

Be fair when playing the dating game, my dear Sea Goats, as people born under the Cardinal Earth sign of Capricorn (22 Dec -22 Jan) are sometimes called. If someone isn't working out, don't play nice if that means being dishonest with them, or with yourself. Know what you want and be cruel to be kind if necessary.

If there is a favour you are after from an elder, a superior or someone in a position of authority, ask now -- right now. You also stand a great chance of getting exactly what you wish for.

The bonds you've forged with those who have experience in the field you're pursuing are strong ones -- as a test the Mother Nature sends along now will prove. Smile. The Heavens are smiling your way.

But remember, getting what you want from romance can be an absolute disaster, so be thankful that "Mr or Ms So Perfect for You" actually didn't pan out. You'll get what you need soon enough.

Indeed, someone is beckoning to you seductively and you are tempted to do everything and go galloping to their side. Read all the signals (real and subliminal) before you make a life-altering decision.

Indeed, if you are feeling more fizzle than sizzle, it might be time to re- evaluate your prospects. Thank goodness you saw this right now, rather than later down the road. Thank your lucky stars.

A fine romance this is, my dear Water Bearers, as people born under the Fixed Air sign of Aquarius (23 Jan-19 Feb) are sometimes called. With so many goings-on around you involving your love life, it is time to take special care of yourself on every level. Make sure you are doing all you can for your health at this time. Make sure you are acting out of the best intentions or you might just find some careless words or actions coming back to haunt you.

It is hard to examine your motives sometimes, but it gets easier with practice. Is the thought of making a decision driving you nuts? Whatever you do keep your own counsel rather than getting a million different opinions as to what you should do. You know best truly.

Be your own personal therapist. If you put yourself out there, you can really make a difference and make some very healthy changes in your own life. Remember, you can do it -- you can, you can.

You may want to check out mentally, but it is important to stay tuned. Otherwise you could miss out on crucial information that the stars are about to broadcast. Prick up your ears.

Every now and then, we need time alone to get to know ourselves again, my dear Dolphins as people born under the Mutable Water sign of Pisces (20 Feb -21 Mar) are sometimes called. Take some time for yourself now.

However, remember that new friends who cross your path now are arriving at a most auspicious time -- for both you and them. Why not make sure to include them in Valentine's festivities?

You've got so much momentum behind you right now that the sky's the limit. With your skills and the cosmic inspiration reigning down upon you, there's really nothing you can't do. Dream big.

Go ahead and let your gut guide you when it comes to a romantic question. If you insist on trying to make "You- know-who" fit into certain rules of logic, you could be heading toward an otherwise avoidable disaster. Actually, it is time to shape up or ship out. Lately there's been too much fast food and not enough exercise. Get your body moving and pay attention to how you feel. You need to be in top form to play the game of love.

Do you feel like you are wading into uncharted romantic territory without a guide to direct you? Good. Even though it seems scary, you're on the right track. Keep forging ahead.

How can the coming month be anything but grand when you are in such a fine mood, surrounded by such fine friends -- and wise enough to keep quiet when a certain someone asks a question far too casually?

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