Painting in the dome over the Altar : Crowning the Holy Virgin, Monastery of St. Thomas the hermit
THE CONGRESS participants were conducted to several sites of historical interest, including the Monastery of St Thomas the hermit, which stands at the mouth of Wadi Sarga, north of Akhmim; this painting in the dome of the old church is a fine example of Coptic art in its most spontaneous form, showing the Holy Virgin and angels painted with delightful naiveté in a style that has been labelled Akhmimic. The group also visited the open-air museum in Akhmim to see the monolith of beautiful Merit-Amun, daughter of Ramses II, the Church of Abu Seifein, and the Monastery of Girgis Al-Hadidi.

parent page (23 February - 1 March 2006, issue #783)