The restored statue of Anlamani with Aspelta in the background; excavating the cache;

THIS STATUE of a Meroitic king with remnants of gold leaf; the head of King Anlamani, and the statue of Tanutamun are among the masterpieces that will be exhibited in the new museum in Kerma which is nearing completion. The importation into Kush of Egyptian institutions, as well as religious and monarchic practices, helped enrich indigenous art, as convincingly demonstrated in these works.
Those who wish to embark upon a trip to harsh climes, treacherous cataracts, and difficult roads in order to discover the grandiose beauty of the sacred mount called Gabal Barkal and the fascinating culture behind the newly-unearthed treasures from the cache, will be amply rewarded. Here they will find a gallery of kings which includes seven magnificent statues.

parent page (8 - 14 November 2007, issue #870)