Al-Ahram Weekly Online   27 December 2007 - 2 January 2008
Issue No. 877
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Cast to the wind
Lebanon drifted like a rudderless ship for much of the year, lacking unity in government, parliament and even a president, Lucy Fielder reports
Nakba is now
Only by understanding the Nakba as a unified continuing strategy can we hope to reverse it, writes Serene Assir
A year of Palestinian disunity
Amid intense foreign interference, 2007 marked a year of critical meltdown for Palestinians and their enduring cause, writes Khaled Amayreh in occupied East Jerusalem
Hamas in the crosshairs
Throughout the year, the US and Israel tried to collapse the Hamas government, an objective sure to survive on the policy agenda of 2008, writes Saleh Al-Naami
Not one step forward
As Washington boasts its "surge" strategy in Iraq has brought new security to the beleaguered nation, the US-imposed political process is as shaky as ever, writes Salah Hemeid
Through one storm to another
While Iran scored major foreign policy successes in 2007, 2008 looks set to see reformists squaring off against hardliners, writes Rasha Saad
Let the games begin
Wars by proxy, the fiercest battles in decades and humanitarian catastrophes dogged the Horn of Africa
Sudanese spats
Gamal Nkrumah reviews the semi-successes and total defeats in the wrathful world of Sudanese politics in 2007
Third road between
Caught in the middle between the United States and Iran, Gulf countries this year reviewed their strategic options, writes Mohamed Darwish

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