Al-Ahram Weekly Online   13 - 19 March 2008
Issue No. 888
Published in Cairo by AL-AHRAM established in 1875


By Imhotep

Careful, no one likes a blabbermouth, my dear Rams, as people born under the Cardinal Fire sign of Aries (21 Mar-21 Apr) are sometimes called. So if you encounter some juicy gossip about who is dating whom, or which colleague is crushing on someone new, do anything it takes to keep it to yourself.

Play around with your persona and it might just help you discover new sides to yourself, my dear Bulls, as people born under the Fixed Earth sign of Taurus (22 Apr-22 May) are sometimes called. Your brainpower is peaking now. So it is a great time to take tests, brainstorm with bosses or just figure out budgets and puzzles.

Your subconscious mind is aware of something that you really ought to know, my dear Twins, as people born under the Mutable Air sign of Gemini (23 May-22 Jun) are sometimes called. So let your own unique light shine. You have got a deep intuitive streak and people often check in with you for reality checks.

It is easy to get distracted in the days ahead, my dear Crabs, as people born under the Cardinal Water sign of Cancer (22 Jun-22 Jul) are sometimes called. You know exactly what you need to do, or do you? Understanding the situation is critically important at the moment. Understanding yourself is everything.

Your creative energy is perfect for the task at hand, my dear Lions, as people born under the Fixed Fire sign of Leo (23 Jul-22 Aug) are sometimes called. But, sometimes, it is actually beneficial to listen to your innermost thoughts. Especially, if they get a little nudge from the stars to seal the deal. Go on and step up.

Family and friends, my dear Virgoans, as people born under the Mutable Earth sign of Virgo (23 Aug-22 Sep) are sometimes called, should help you muddle your way through this testing week. You have got to keep a lot of facts in mind, though. People will heap praises on you. So, do accept the well- deserved accolades with pleasure.

You may feel a bit in over the head, my dear Scales, as people born under the Cardinal Air sign of Libra (23 Sep-23 Oct) are sometimes called. But you can fake it and come out just as well as anyone else. Make sure that you keep moving -- that way the sharks will feel you are one of them.

This is a good time to drink that extra cup of coffee it takes to stay focussed, my dear Eagles, as people born under the Fixed Water sign of Scorpio (24 Oct-23 Nov) are sometimes called. You need a fresh perspective on your life situation. Take your time to absorb any new information before you dish it out.

Jaw-dropping revelations this week, my dear Centaurs as people born under the Mutable Fire sign of Sagittarius (24 Nov-23 Dec). Accept invitations, and issue some yourself. You love to say hi to new people, anyway. Whether it is somebody else's romantic confidence or your own sweet little secrets, less is more in the blabbing department now.

You are getting assistance from people whom you don't know very well, my dear Sea Goats, as people born under the Cardinal Earth sign of Capricorn (22 Dec-22 Jan) are sometimes called. In fact, you may not even be directly aware of the help until this week is long past. Don't fret about it. Move on.

Clear your head and sketch or write stream- of-consciousness, my dear Water Bearers, as people born under the Fixed Air sign of Aquarius (23 Jan-19 Feb) are sometimes called. How many ways can you enjoy this week and enjoy the people and take advantage of the new opportunities that are all around you? You will be glad you did.

Make your preferences known, my dear Dolphins, as people born under the Mutable Water sign of Pisces (20 Feb-21 Mar) are sometimes called. If you are a vegetarian don't just smile when your date or best friend suggests a steakhouse. If you have already seen the movie tell your friends you will meet them afterwards.

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