Al-Ahram Weekly Online   19 - 25 June 2008
Issue No. 902
Press review
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Bottom lines

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"It's surprising that all the talk around the world about the dangers of climate change does not resonate with Egypt, despite the fact that we do not have the luxury of taking no action." -- Fahmi Howeidi, Al-Ahram

"When the president or first lady are interested in a certain subject, the media focus on it for a limited time without adopting an in-depth, serious approach towards it." -- Sabri El-Shabrawi, Al-Masry Al-Yom

"Obama does not represent a symbol of the Muslims, even if his father's name is Hussein, simply because he is completely bias towards Israel." -- Makram Mohamed Ahmed, Al-Ahram

"The Iraqi president was accused of genocide and sentenced to death for the killing of 148 in Dujail. By the same token, the death of 170 Palestinians as a result of the blockade should be enough to indict whoever took part in the blockade." Mahmoud Al-Mubarak, -- Al-Hayat

"Both Fatah and Hamas discovered they are incapable of ruling the Palestinians without the help of the other." -- Talal Okal, Al-Ayyam

"There is no room left to build a Palestinian state on the occupied territories which are being gradually stolen either by settlements, security reasons or the apartheid wall." -- Amr Giftelli, Tishreen

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