Al-Ahram Weekly Online   7 - 13 May 2009
Issue No. 946
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A reliable source has stated that pigs will reply to the culling by doing likewise with humans
By Samir Abdel-Moneim in the Egyptian daily Nahdet Masr

"It is not birds, insects, pigs or any other creature that is the source of epidemics. Man has managed to use his power and mind to destroy himself and everything that surrounds him." -- Ali Al-Khalili, Al-Ayyam

"How can one explain horrifying the world and raising the state of alert to phase 5 when only 300 people were infected in more than 10 days, while nobody moved when Israel used its lethal weapons to kill more than 1,500 Palestinians and injure some 5,000 during its three-week war against Gaza?" -- Ahmed Mansour, Al-Watan

"The earth is not suitable for life anymore because man, who thought that he controlled it, threw his waste in its seas and rivers and buried nuclear wastes in the shores of poor countries." -- Khairi Mansour, Addustour

"The existence of so many pig farms amid populated areas which are open and filled with dirt and leftovers, where migratory birds can land, can cause the development of another strain of the virus." -- Abdel-Hadi Mesbah, Al-Ahram

"The WHO and doctors are issuing mere precautions in order to face an enemy we cannot see and which is spreading in the air." -- Mohamed Mustafa Shordi, Al-Wafd

"It is not right that thousands of farmers who rear pigs gather in front of churches in quest of compensation rather that resorting to the Prime Ministry. The government is the government of all Egyptians, not just the government of Muslims." -- Mohamed El-Shabba, Nahdet Masr

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