Al-Ahram Weekly Online   13 - 19 August 2009
Issue No. 960
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Radical in theory
Some attending Fatah's long-awaited Sixth Congress in Bethlehem hold fast to their principles, but pragmatism remains the order of the day, Khaled Amayreh reports
Hamas faces Gelgelt
Under permanent pressure on all sides, Hamas must also confront radical Salafist groups who contend that the movement has strayed from the true path of jihad, writes >Saleh Al-Naami
Al-Qaeda in Africa
Largely off the screen of the Western press, countries of the Maghreb have been fighting a bitter war against the spread of Al-Qaeda extremism, writes Attia Essawi
Jumblatt's shifting alliances
Having severed ties with Lebanon's 14 March movement, Walid Jumblatt is considering visiting Damascus, four years into feuding with the Syrian regime, writes Bassel Oudat
Thieves of Baghdad
A recent Baghdad bank heist has unveiled a nasty power struggle among factions of the Iraqi Shia, writes Salah Hemeid
Iranian domestic balances
While victory appears to be Ahmadinejad's, political realities on the ground betray a reconfiguration of the conservative current in a way that leaves him little room for manoeuvre, writes Mustafa El-Labbad
Tensions escalate in Yemen
The Yemeni political scene remains fractious and deadlocked, with the public weary of party conflict, writes Mohammed Al-Asaadi in Sanaa

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