Al-Ahram Weekly Online   17 - 23 September 2009
Issue No. 965
Published in Cairo by AL-AHRAM established in 1875

End of an era
The shock waves from 9/11, writes Abdel-Moneim Said, seem finally to have played themselves out
Let's try something else
The "Ben-Gurion of Palestine", Salam Fayyad, wants a state before one is established. Is his third way right, asks Samir Ghattas
September's coup de grace
Was 9/11 the opening move of an intelligence war waged in plain sight and under cover of shared beliefs from which only Israel would benefit, asks Jeff Gates
Demanding just peace
It is time for the Arabs to put an ultimatum to Obama: pressure Israel into peace or veto a resolution in the Security Council demanding respect for international law, writes Hassan Nafaa
Grief engraved in memory
Remembering all victims, past and continuing, 9/11 should be recast as a tragedy that brings humanity together around common aspirations, not vengeance and violence, writes Ramzy Baroud
Making Libya pay?
If Libya has to pay for IRA attacks in Britain, what about others who are guilty of far greater crimes, asks Aijaz Zaka Syed

State of lawlessness

Close up:
Right report
By Salama A Salama

Why don't we act?
By Gamal Salama

This week:
Farouk Hosni

Cartoon by Gomaa

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