Al-Ahram Weekly Online   5 - 11 November 2009
Issue No. 971
Press review
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Bottom lines

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Twenty years after its fall, the Berlin Wall is resurrected to reinforce Israel's apartheid wall.
By Galal Al-Refai of Jordan's daily Addustour

"We need to develop our plan to face the second wave of swine flu that could be harsher due to the cold weather and the return of pilgrims from the hajj." -- Al-Ahram

"The resignation of Mansour and the head of the railway institution was honourable. It means giving up their positions to those who are more capable of doing the job. So, will [Prime Minister Ahmed] Nazif's government realise one day the honour of resigning?" -- Tarek Abbas , Al-Masry Al-Yom

"It would not harm us if the negotiations were stopped for a year or two as long as that leads to a breakthrough." -- Al-Riyadh

"These explosives are not available with the opposition, militias or even the government. There are only two states involved in Iraq that possess these weapons -- Israel and the US." --Nesrine Murad, Al-Bayan

"Obama, who promised to make major changes, has started to realise how difficult it is to keep his promises." -- Mustafa Zein, Al-Hayat

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