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Any final agreement from the NPT revision conference, due to end on Friday, will be determined by last minute trade offs, writes Ezzat Ibrahim from New York
Going after Iran
Henry Kissinger said the United States had no foreign policy -- only domestic politics. That seems true when it comes to Iran, writes Graham Usher
Iran's poker face
Persian patience seems infinite, marvels Amani Maged

House of cards
Smothering Somalia with well wishes and little else seems to be a parlour game favoured by donors at this week's Istanbul conference, evinces Gamal Nkrumah
Courting intervention?
A breakthrough in the crisis facing Iraq is far from certain, with the country's politicians now looking towards foreign intervention, writes Salah Hemeid
Mixed results
Municipal elections in the south were more about politics than services, Omayma Abdel-Latif reports from Bint Jbeil
Museum of resistance
On a visit to Hizbullah's museum of resistance in south Lebanon, Raed El-Rafei discovers a new resort for resistance tourism
Fighting in the House of Peace
The Islamists in Jordan are quarrelling. Oula Farawati watches the fight and gauges its impact on the movement
Awaiting a miracle
The Palestinian political rift remains un-bridged, with the people suffering the consequences of their leaders' failures, writes Saleh Al-Naami
Steadfastness without a state
The latest Palestinian Human Development Report, in foregrounding donor-driven development, is being accused of concealing the main problem: Israel's occupation, Amira Howeidy reports
Palestinians boycott settlers
A comprehensive, cross-factional boycott of Jewish settlement products and produce has been launched across the West Bank, writes Khaled Amayreh

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