Al-Ahram Weekly Online   21 - 27 October 2010
Issue No. 1020
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By Imhotep

The ticking of a clock is what does the trick for you right now, my dear Rams, as people born under the Cardinal Fire sign of Aries (21 Mar-21 Apr) are sometimes called. Time is of the essence. You are moving a step closer to realising your real goals in life. You are fast reaching a significant milestone in your pursuit of happiness and self-realisation.

Family always has had a prominent role to play in your life, my dear Bulls, as people born under the Fixed Earth sign of Taurus (22 Apr-22 May) are sometimes called. There are, of course, downsides to family control. Are you capable of carrying on the inheritance? Or are you more inclined now to rely emotionally on non-family associates?

You see yourselves as the custodians of the businesses you run, my dear Twins, as people born under the Mutable Air sign of Gemini (23 May-22 Jun) are sometimes called. How much store can be put into your instinctive lack of interest in money matters? There is a clear pattern to the pitfalls you sometimes descend into.

Your real interests are eclectic now, as people born under the Cardinal Water sign of Cancer (22 Jun-22 Jul) are sometimes called. This is a period of quiet contemplation. You might grapple with the intellectual intricacies of telepathy and parapsychology. Brainstorming sessions absorb you this week. .

You need to set the pace of your own agenda, my dear Lions, as people born under the Fixed Fire sign of Leo (23 Jul-22 Aug) are sometimes called. Retain the focus on a single individual or theme in life and you inevitably suffer. Stress instead the social dynamics and pay attention to those who need you the most.

You have been dealing with an emotional barnacle for some time now, my dear Virgoans, as people born under the Mutable Earth sign of Virgo (23 Aug-22 Sep) are sometimes called. Your instincts and disposition are at cross-purposes with the dominant ideology. You are preoccupied with matters that few others are interested in at the moment.

You are forced to deal with a person troubled psychologically, my dear Scales, as people born under the Cardinal Air sign of Libra (23 Sep-23 Oct) are sometimes called. You cannot be bothered with the correct interpretation of the case in question. This extraordinary experience is driving you mad. The path you select will make your life a lot easier.

Write yourself into the story of another's life. You don't have to worry about poor communications or missteps, my dear Eagles, as people born under the Fixed Water sign of Scorpio (24 Oct-23 Nov) are sometimes called. Recount the interactions and revel in the novelty of the interplay of the growing personal relationship between you and the significant other.

Spirit mediumship and mysticism is not something you habitually dwell too long on, my dear Centaurs, as people born under the Mutable Fire sign of Sagittarius (24 Nov-23 Dec) are sometimes called. However, in the days ahead another disposition replaces your normal personality. It is as if an alien creature from outer space possesses you.

After weeks of trying desperately to be good in the finance department and pretty much nailing it, my dear Sea Goats, as people born under the Cardinal Earth sign of Capricorn (22 Dec -22 Jan) are sometimes called, you find yourself short of funds. You have lost sight of your long-term financial goals. Focus your efforts on making lots of money.

You retain an inexplicable sense of distinctiveness these days, my dear Water Bearers, as people born under the Fixed Air sign of Aquarius (23 Jan-19 Feb) are sometimes called. Professionals and analysts who can interpret the strange events occurring all around you must deal with what cannot be explained away by prior knowledge.

Use that intuition you are so famous for, my dear Dolphins, as people born under the Mutable Water sign of Pisces (20 Feb- 21 Mar) are sometimes called, to your own advantage. Pay attention to the subtle signs and symbolic significance of the nuances on faces of the people that matter to you. You behave like a religious ecstatic. You speak like a philosopher or a psychologist.

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