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Issue No. 1054
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Sharing a culture
In this fifth and final article of the series, Jill Kamil takes a look at national identity
In Focus: Superpower checkmate
While the world focuses on what is happening on the ground across the Arab region, the contest for strategic influence between the great powers is easily forgotten, writes Galal Nassar
The road to a constitution
Instead of debating whether elections should or not come first, political forces need to get down to the work of mapping the content of Egypt's new constitution, writes Abdel-Moneim Said
New paradigm in Palestine
The only way forward is to go backwards -- to the UN's original plan -- and then to the General Assembly to implement a new one, propose Mahmoud Musa and Awni Sarrif
The Palestinian right to remain and return
The right to return to one's country of origin is a right enshrined in the rules of international law, and yet it has been denied to the Palestinian refugees, writes Samah Sabawi
Manufacturing dictatorship
Foreign intervention did much to prop up the Arab dictatorships currently under fire in the Arab Spring, writes Azmi Ashour
Political art at its worst
With initiatives proliferating to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the international community is forgetting that we have been here before, says Sam Bahour

What happened to the nationalist agenda?

Close up:
Other rules of the game
By Salama A Salama

Al-Azhar's declaration
By Gamal Qutb

Cartoon by Gomaa

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