Al-Ahram Weekly Online   18 - 24 August 2011
Issue No. 1061
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Reiterating the differences
There have been growing tensions between the US and Egypt over US assistance to pro-democracy groups in the country, reports Mohamed Abdel-Baky
The limits of transparency
The World Bank is sticking with its managing director, Egypt's former minister of investment Mahmoud Mohieldin, as allegations of financial malpractice against him mount, reports Emad Mekay
More civilians appear before military courts
Anger is growing as civilians continue to be referred to military trial, reports Amirah Ibrahim
Clamp-down in Sinai
Egypt's army and police have led a successful clamp-down on an Arish terror cell in Sinai, reports Jailan Halawi
Mubarak's trial to shift into high gear
After two procedural sessions and a ban on live coverage, the trial of ousted president Hosni Mubarak is set to continue in earnest on 5 September, Gamal Essam El-Din reports
Playing to camera
Reem Leila reports on the unseemly squabbles surrounding the trial of former president Hosni Mubarak
Whose principles?
Moves by the government and SCAF to issue a document of constitutional principles have stirred massive resentment among Islamist forces, reports Amani Maged
Fighting over a circle
Divisions among political groups and warnings by the military mean Tahrir Square is unlikely to see mass protests for some time to come, reports Khaled Dawoud
Preparing to vote
The ruling military junta has agreed to legislative changes that seek to democratise political life, reports Gamal Essam El-Din
Differences in court
Some judges are not happy with steps being taken to ensure the complete independence of the country's judiciary, reports Mona El-Nahhas
Unorthodox measures
Copts seeking divorce and remarriage threaten to resign from the Orthodox community, reports Rasha Sadek

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