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Reader's corner
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Reader's corner

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Rusty rulers

Sir-- Ahmed El-Tonsi's 'Egypt revolution: what went wrong?' ( Al-Ahram Weekly 22-28 September) was a true reflection of the ruling military of Egypt. I think that much of the SCAF tendency to fumble is due to its lack of political experience after decades of absenteeism by the old regime. Furthermore, the denying of some high profile officials among the ranks of the military to attain any powerful positions and remove them from the sight of people by close adherents to Mubarak has also an impact upon the deterioration of the image of the army among people; not to mention the state of neutralisation in which the army lives and the stance it has to take to side the old regime's policies and not to criticise its actions.

Please give the SCAF more time to exercise its full power in protecting Egypt and maintaining peace on Egyptian soil. Let them learn from their mistakes in order to deliver Egypt to a safe passage.

Mohamed Qasem

Worse than Bush

Sir-- The Obama administration is more Zionist, Jewish-controlled than any previous administration, even more so than Bush Jr's was.

The US is nothing but a larger and more vicious Israel in disguise. It is determined to totally obliterate the little left of historical Palestine and let the Zionist Jews take the rest through the so-called "peace process" manipulations. It is determined to turn Egypt again into no more than an obedient submissive servant of Jewish colonial enterprise in Palestine. They want another Mubarak-like regime ruling Egypt. The US does not, and never did, believe in the right of any Arab nation, especially Egypt, to have true democracy, national dignity and sovereignty over its homeland.

Zakariya Jalamani

Different way

Sir-- How should the events of 9/11 be best commemorated, asks Ralph Nader ('Ten lessons of 9/11' Al-Ahram Weekly 8-14 September) I don't know that America is taking anything like the path outlined by Mr Nader. There was Boy George. The Great Connector of Dots. Conqueror of Baghdad and Falluja. Instrument of the Messiah. And all we remember of Obama in Cairo is his premature peace prize and the inconvenience of having had him in town for the day.

Jeffrey Marck

Keep Al-Senussi out

Sir-- Prince Mohamed Al-Senussi said he wants to become king of Libya so he could become like Mubarak and Gaddafi. He wants to steal and exploit Libya's oil wealth for his monarchy family and he wants to kidnap and torture those rebels who oppose him, just like Gaddafi did. He first wants the Libyan people to vote for his monarchy so he could take control over the people's lives like a dictator. The best system for Libya is a democratic system with direct democracy so the people of Libya can control their own lives by making their own laws. Don't let others create laws for the people; the people have to create laws for themselves because the people know best how to live their own lives. Don't allow the prince or his royal family to migrate back to Libya. It's time to make your decision now before Prince Al-Senussi takes control of Libya's oil wealth.

David Anderson

Veto history

Sir-- It should not come as a shock to anyone in the world that the US opposes a move in New York by the Palestinians to try to establish a state that Washington claims can only be achieved through negotiations. So, yes, if something comes to a vote in the UN Security Council, the US will veto.

The list of US vetoes at the Security Council to protect Israeli aggression and occupation is huge. The most recent one, which actually got some attention because it was so outlandish, was in February when Obama vetoed a Security Council resolution endorsing official US policy. Look at the resolution. Its core part was opposing expansion of Israeli settlements in the West Bank. That's supposed to be US policy but Obama vetoed it. If the Palestinians do bring the issue to the Security Council and the US vetoes, it will be just another indication of the real unwillingness to permit a settlement of this issue, in terms of what has been for a long time an overwhelming international consensus.

Ahmed Abdel-Tawwab

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