Al-Ahram Weekly Online   29 September - 5 October 2011
Issue No. 1066
Published in Cairo by AL-AHRAM established in 1875


By Imhotep

You can be a political hack of no small proportions, my dear Rams, as people born under the Cardinal Fire sign of Aries (21 Mar-21 Apr) are sometimes called. Be it office politics, domestic politics or just plain politics. Press on, persistently.

Silence those who meddle in your personal affairs, my dear Bulls, as people born under the Fixed Earth sign of Taurus (22 Apr-22 May) are sometimes called. Beware of imbeciles, they can cause a great deal of trouble. Cut the bull? Or will you cut them some slack?

If kids or clients are barking at you, my dear Twins, as people born under the Mutable Air sign of Gemini (23 May-22 Jun) are sometimes called, just throw them a bone and chill for a while. You can get back at them later with venom.

Let your imagination run wild, my dear Crabs, as people born under the Cardinal Water sign of Cancer (22 Jun-22 Jul) are sometimes called. Try something new, get a good workout or go on a hot date. Go on, live life to the fullest.

An angel will lend a hand, my dear Lions, as people born under the Fixed Fire sign of Leo (23 Jul-22 Aug) are sometimes called. On the work front, too, you need Divine intervention. When you are on show, it shows and everyone else notices.

Your immediate family members are far more helpful than usual even with tasks that you all hate equally, my dear Virgoans, as people born under the Mutable Earth sign of Virgo (23 Aug-22 Sep) are sometimes called. Heed their advice.

Embrace singledom this week, my dear Scales, as people born under the Cardinal Air sign of Libra (23 Sep-23 Oct) are sometimes called. Think of all the things you couldn't do in a relationship. Seek the help of close friends to tip the scales in your favour.

Don't resist the approaches of a mysterious character, my dear Eagles, as people born under the Fixed Water sign of Scorpio (24 Oct - 23 Nov) are sometimes called. Don't ask too many questions. This unexpected liaison could be the start of a long-term working relationship.

It is easy to give significance to suffering. You, my dear Centaurs, as people born under the Mutable Fire sign of Sagittarius (24 Nov-23 Dec) are sometimes called, are on the warpath. Nothing necessitates torrid temper tantrums. Watch your foes as they make their own calculations.

Press on with your long-term plans and keep your cool, my dear Sea Goats, as people born under the Cardinal Earth sign of Capricorn (22 Dec-22 Jan) are sometimes called. Lingering doubts about a long-term project will crop up in a strange fashion this week.

Call in sick and take a weekend road trip, my dear Water Bearers, as people born under the Fixed Air sign of Aquarius (23 Jan-19 Feb) are sometimes called. Practice spontaneity. To hell with all your worries and concerns. Don't turn yourself into a symbol of martyrdom.

This is one of those weeks that seem to bring out the best in teams and groups, my dear Dolphins, as people born under the Mutable Water sign of Pisces (20 Feb-21 Mar) are sometimes called. Teamwork is the buzzword. Open up, such a positive attitude comes easily to Dolphins anyway.

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