Al-Ahram Weekly Online   17 - 23 November 2011
Issue No. 1072
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By Imhotep

Moonlight is the time for riotous romance, my dear Rams, as people born under the Cardinal Fire sign of Aries (21 Mar-21 Apr) are sometimes called. The next few days are perfect for making decisions of all kinds, especially those that affect your future in interesting and quixotic new ways. Affairs of the heart predominate.

Choose something new to do with your life even though it can be minor, my dear Bulls, as people born under the Fixed Earth sign of Taurus (22 Apr-22 May) are sometimes called. Get rid of anything inoperable including friendships. Only keep close those who you plan to spend time with. Don't over-extend relationships that no longer make sense.

You need to work out some of this restless energy in selfless projects that help friends, family or the community, my dear Twins, as people born under the Mutable Air sign of Gemini (23 May-22 Jun) are sometimes called. Do not focus too much on your lifestyle in the days ahead. Put the onus on others.

The great dictum is stay connected, my dear Crabs, as people born under the Cardinal Water sign of Cancer (22 Jun-22 Jul) are sometimes called. And it will go better for you if you are at least open to the very notion of transformation. This is the time your deep altruistic streak will determine your course of action.

Enjoy this fantastic week whatever your budget is, my dear Lions, as people born under the Fixed Fire sign of Leo (23 Jul-22 Aug) are sometimes called. The coolest November is upon us and you will beat the chill. The cooler the better. Enjoy the bite and try to make sense of what is really going on deep down.

Don't forget about sexual fulfilment. It is not frivolous to daydream about the perfect partner, my dear Virgoans, as people born under the Mutable Earth sign of Virgo (23 Aug-22 Sep) are sometimes called. Imagine yourself with someone who loves you just as you are. And, you could very well experience self-fulfilling prophecy.

Mark your calendar, my dear Scales, as people born under the Cardinal Air sign of Libra (23 Sep-23 Oct) are sometimes called. With work and extra-curricula activities you are bound to win accolades. If you are serious about finding a mate, take time out of your busy schedule to be social and set up dates. Perseverance pays off.

This autumn is qualitatively different, my dear Eagles, as people born under the Fixed Water sign of Scorpio (24 Oct-23 Nov) are sometimes called. Do you understand what sort of life is in store? It is time to lead the perfect life of your deepest desires and maddest dreams. What will you hang on to?

Your energy is mostly directed inward though you can do pretty much anything you want with it, my dear Centaurs, as people born under the Mutable Fire sign of Sagittarius (24 Nov-23 Dec) are sometimes called. This is an exceptionally good time to unwind. You are able to bring about almost any change in life you want.

Now is not the time to worry about others, my dear Sea Goats, as people born under the Cardinal Earth sign of Capricorn (22 Dec -22 Jan) are sometimes called. Be as selfish as you want. However, your altruism will prevail. It may be formal volunteering work or just making decisions that ripple through the community.

Confront your greatest fear head on. Believe in your capabilities, for they are Legion, my dear Water Bearers, as people born under the Fixed Air sign of Aquarius (23 Jan-19 Feb) are sometimes called. Don't listen to the Devil whispering in your ear. Listen instead to your innermost intuition and innate sentiments.

After weeks of trying desperately to be good in the finance department and pretty much nailing it, my dear Dolphins, as people born under the Mutable Water sign of Pisces (20 Feb -21 Mar) are sometimes called, you are finally in charge of the purse. Dispose of your newfound treasure and live it up.

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