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Issue No. 1079
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Transit Lounge:

Improved operational safety audit

So far, 2011 has the best industry rate ever recorded for safety performance. The new and improved IOSA model's first trial audit will test the new auditing scheme on live renewal audits.

The elements of the new and improved IOSA model addresses various aspects for airline improvement such as continuous conformity with the IOSA standards during their audit registration period, focus on implementation, ensuring a robust internal quality assurance programme and standardisation of auditing practices.

The following graph represents the safety performance until 30 November 2011 for Western-built jet hull losses per million sectors

New security measures on EU-bound cargo

As of 1 February 2012, all cargo carried into the EU will be subjected to new security measures. EU regulation 859/2011 has been adopted as a direct response to the Yemen incident in October 2011 and introduces new requirements to enhance security of cargo flying into the EU.

These new rules will pose a real challenge to airlines to ensure that EU requirements are implemented at all airports in foreign countries. IATA is working together with the European Commission and EU member states to facilitate the implementation of these rules for airlines and also look for innovative solutions to help IATA airlines and national authorities complying with the requirements.

Checkpoint of the Future

Great progress has been made on the Checkpoint of the Future project in the past weeks. Work is nearing completion on the first draft of definitions for critical components of the checkpoint including Passenger Differentiation, Passenger Data, Checkpoint Configuration, Known Traveler Schemes and Behavioral Analysis.

IATA will be launching an external advisory group for the project in the New Year which will have the opportunity to review and input to the specifications as they are refined. The group will include key parties needed to help make the vision a reality; including regulators, airports, airlines and technology providers.

Fourteen states and Interpol have now signed IATA's Statement of Principles on future checkpoint screening; two sent letters of support (China and Australia) and three others publicly endorsed the effort (US Transportation Security Administration, European Commission and Russia). IATA said it had agreement from several states for further collaboration or testing, including Australia and South Africa. In the meantime, the new ICAO Technical Advisory Group on next generation screening met in Paris and encouraged the industry to push forward with further developing the concepts.

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