Al-Ahram Weekly Online   5 - 11 April 2012
Issue No. 1092
Press review
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'We're carrying Egypt'
Islamists hold the majority in parliament and the constituent assembly drafting the constitution.
By Anwar in the Egyptian daily Rose El-Youssef

"Fielding El-Shater is an attempt to take over all the state's institutions and reproduce another despotic regime. He is going to be a duplicate of Ahmed Ezz. The MB did not learn the lesson." -- Ibrahim Mansour, Al-Tahrir

"The MB is following the NDP's track. The only difference is that it took the NDP years to achieve its goals whereas the MB is doing it in the first year after the revolution." -- Abdel-Gawad Harbi, Al-Gomhuriya

"Abu Ismail was not the only candidate who broke the ban, but he was the most conspicuous by organising a march which blocked the streets." -- Al-Ahram

"Anan's plan is a triumph for Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad and his regime. It is a catastrophe as far as the rebellious Syrians are concerned." -- Abdel-Nasser Al-Oteibi, Al-Hayat

"Attempts to thwart and ensure the failure of the Special International Envoy to Syria Kofi Anan are not hidden from anyone." -- Ali Kassem, Al-Thawra

"So, yet another Arab summit was convoked, and its final communiqu³©s issued and that was thatÒê¦ What we really need at the moment is a permanent Arab scowl." -- Bilal Al-Hassan, Asharq Al-Awsat

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