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Tel Aviv targets Syria’s Republican Guards

What can we read into the latest Israeli air strikes against Syria? Bassel Oudat reports from Damascus

Tel Aviv targets Syria’s Republican Guards

A sinking ship

Amany Maged on the future of the NASL after the withdrawal of still more members

Cold-water leaks

Recorded conversations, allegedly between President Al-Sisi’s senior military aides, are unlikely to lead to a major scandal, writes Khaled Dawoud

Precautionary measures?

Some foreign embassies in Cairo have taken extraordinary security measures for unclear reasons, reports Doaa El-Bey

The Sudan call

Sudan’s President Omar Al-Bashir has arrested opposition leaders upon their return home from a meeting in Addis Ababa, writes Gamal Nkrumah

The Sudan call
EGYPT For technical reasons

For technical reasons

Two new political parties have not been granted licences owing to legal technicalities, reports Ahmed Morsy

A club without journalists

A club without journalists

In an escalation of his dispute with the Egyptian media, the president of Zamalek Club has cancelled the club membership of hundreds of journalists. Inas Mazhar reports

Containing health concerns

Containing health concerns

Cases of life-threatening measles and bird flu are being successfully contained, reports Reem Leila

ECONOMY Bankers walk

Bankers walk

The new maximum wage law is causing ripples in the banking sector, writes Niveen Wahish

WORLD Redefining nationhood

Redefining nationhood

Palestinian rights and the status of Arab Israelis may be further undermined by a draft law passed by the Israeli cabinet, Ahmed Al-Sayed reports from Gaza

Israel heads towards ethnocracy

Israel heads towards ethnocracy

If the new draft of Israel’s Basic Law comes into force, all pretence will be dropped that Israel is not a racist, exclusionary state. How will its allies react, asksLudwig Watzal  

Oil and Kurdish independence

Oil and Kurdish independence

Iraq’s Kurds have pinned high hopes on oil to fulfill their dream of independence, but oil may also be undermining it, writes Salah Nasrawi

Powerful bombs, weak strategy

Powerful bombs, weak strategy

What the US-led coalition against Islamic State lacks in strategy cannot be made up for by firepower alone, writes Bassel Oudat

SPORTS An invitation accepted

An invitation accepted

Wednesday was the closing ceremony of the 8th Special Olympics MENA Regional Games held from the 3-10 December in Cairo Stadium, reports Abeer Anwar.

LIVING Shining bright

Shining bright

Ghada Abdel-Kader talks to two Egyptian designers about the latest accessory designs


The use and abuse of British Muslims

The British state is using the threat of “Islamist terrorism” to crack down on dissent, writes Dan Glazebrook


The trial

The eras that followed the January 2011 Revolution inevitably had an impact on the Mubarak trial, with the revolution itself brought before public scrutiny, writes Abdel-Moneim Said


The NYT bias

America’s flagshipbroadsheet continues to bleat the line of the Muslim Brotherhood against the new Egypt, writes Mohamed Salmawy


Getting back to ‘protect and serve’

A culture of hostility between the police and the communities they serve has been allowed to fester in the US, writes James Zogby


Racism and war in America and beyond

The injustices we witness on America’s streets are part of a system that extends globally, sustaining white privilege, power and wealth, writes Ramzy Baroud


Is China the ‘enemy’?

Francis Fukuyama’s latest book says that China is the US’s new strategic enemy and calls for robust containment of the emerging powerhouse, writes Hazem Mahfouz


Birds of a feather

Nehad Selaiha welcomes an AUC production of Marivaux’s The Game of Love and Chance and compares it with Youssef Wahbi’s film version of the play

An addition to the Nights

The first English translation of a collection of mediaeval Arab stories will appeal to readers enthralled by the Arabian Nights, writes David Tresilian

The East as a career?

A new exhibition is shedding unusual light on nineteenth-century European orientalism


The red riding log

Mai Samih lists some of the more shocking facts of sexual harassment in Egypt over the last decade

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Compiled by Doaa El-Bey