Al-Ahram Weekly On-line
24 - 30 September 1998
Issue No.396
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Last stop New York
Can the Israeli-Palestinian peace process be salvaged? Forthcoming meetings in New York are likely to provide a final answer

Hoping against hope
Palestinians are hoping for something to come out of next week's New York meetings between Arafat, Netanyahu and Albright, but they are not optimistic. Tarek Hassan reports from Gaza


'A problem that won't go away'
Democratic hopes that a possible appearance by Bill Clinton before Congress to make an apology might end the scandal were quickly dashed by Republicans
  Bombing crime
Erekat stays
Closure eased
Mere words
Drop by 2015

Two stars for a day
Ayatollah The first Iranian president to address the UN in 12 years, Khatami joined his voice to that of Clinton's to condemn international terrorism. Safa Haeri, in New York, assesses his "charm offensive"
Bearding the lion in his den
Will it be war? Asef Bayat examines shifting power configurations, the irony of probable alliances between oil, religion, ethnicity and obscurantism, and whether the Afghan people can topple the Taliban

Campus Scholars at large
Millions of students entered university this week. Is this really a good sign? In fact, overcrowding is only one of the problems on Egyptian campuses
Goddess Mut

Out of the basement
Nevine El-Aref reports on continuing efforts to bring some of Cairo museum's hidden treasures back into the light where they belong

Nafie Domestic crises,
foreign confusion

Ibrahim Nafie
Annan Knowledge and civilisation
Kofi Annan
The consuming scandal
James Zogby
In a tight spot,
or down a slippery slope?

Hassan Nafaa