Al-Ahram Weekly On-line
1 - 7 October 1998
Issue No.397
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Remembering Nasser

CoverGAMAL ABDEL-NASSER died on 28 September 28 years ago. On 1 October millions of Egyptians took to the streets to bid a final farewell to the man who symbolised liberation from British occupation, national and pan-Arab ideals, equality between citizens and modernisation. His tenure was marked by Egyptianisation, agricultural reform, Arab unity, the nationalisation of the Suez Canal... the list goes on.

Today, many of the policies and ideals upheld by Nasser's populist regime appear moribund in a new globalised world. Yet, the figure of Nasser and his legacy continue to occupy a prominent, often emotional place in Egyptians' collective memory.

Nasser Nasser
The photos above are among 300 rare photographs which appeared in the book, Nasser, published in Paris last May by Chronique. Hoda, Nasser's daughter, wrote the introduction to this unique pictorial biography. In it, she asserts that her father lives on in the minds not only of Egyptians but of people throughout the Arab and Third World.