Al-Ahram Weekly On-line
1 - 7 October 1998
Issue No.397
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Mubarak & Nafie Eye on the times
Twenty-five years after the October 1973 War President Mubarak sees Egypt poised to enter a new golden age in its civilisation. Mubarak spoke to Ibrahim Nafie
A big day out in October
The armed forces are planning celebrations on a grand scale to mark the 25th anniversary of the October 1973 war. Galal Nassar reviews the preparations
Remembering Nasser

NasserGamal Abdel-Nasser died on 28 September 28 years ago.

Kickstarting the process
A breakthrough agreement for a second Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank may be finalised in two weeks' time
Rights under Oslo's foot
The fifth anniversary of the Oslo Accords earned barely a second thought among Palestinians in the Occupied Territories. A new Amnesty International report helps explain why, writes Graham Usher
High waters, little danger
The annual Nile flood has been high this year, but, as Gihan Shahine reports, officials maintain that the situation is under control
Flood B
Bankrupt idea

Trial demands

Islamist vote

Barrada win

Said A real state means real work
Edward Said
Quds For a shared Jerusalem
Rashid Khalidi
Lovers The double bind
Gihan Shahin
Dumb and beautiful
Mohamed El-Assyouti