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27 May - 2 June 1999
Issue No. 431
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Ibrahim Nafie
Ibrahim Nafie:
Keeping promises

Gamil Mattar:
Just one of his soldiers

Abdel Raouf El-Ridi
profile by Fayza Hassan

Media Day
PRESIDENT Hosni Mubarak is expected to inaugurate a number of media projects as part of celebrations marking Media Day on 6 June

More raids
NATO unleashed extensive air attacks on Yugoslavia yesterday, bombarding Kosovo's capital Pristina, its surrounding areas and the northern town of Novi Sad

Indian strike
INDIA conducted air strikes for the first time in Kashmir yesterday, prompting Pakistan to put its forces on high alert

Barak's 'preferred partners'
Ehud Barak is busy putting together guidelines and partners for his new government. The Arabs also need greater policy coordination, writes Graham Usher from Jerusalem

Priest Nation at war
Reporting from Tsorona on the Eritrea-Ethiopian frontier, especially for Al-Ahram Weekly, David Hirst paints a striking portrait of AfricaÍs newest nation courageously battling against poverty, want and war

Talking politics for business
A COMESA summit in Nairobi has decided that the regional group should play a more active political role if it is to achieve its declared economic goals. Dina Ezzat reports from the Kenyan capital

Parliament approves NGO bill
A bill that regulates NGO activities has been approved in principle by the People's Assembly. Gamal Essam El-Din attended the session

...while NGOs step up the fight
Hunger strikes, news conferences and a peaceful demonstration outside the People's Assembly were organised by NGOs in protest against the NGO bill, reports Mariz Tadros

Amira Howeidy looks into the new faces of Egyptian Islamism, as growing tendencies within it adopt a more "secular" posture
A farewell to militancy?

The last push
Not only have NATO airstrikes failed to stem the tide of refugees pouring out of Kosovo, but they have actually hastened the exodus of ethnic Albanians from the war-torn Yugoslav province, writes Gamal Nkrumah

Advertising with a heart
The awkward growth spurts of the advertising industry's adolescence are giving way to a more secure, mature and competitive market, writes Tarek Atia

Too hot to handle
As Egypt prepares to celebrate Media Day on 31 May, the government is struggling to reconcile the desire to control information with the imperatives of opening up to private broadcasting, and the need to enter the "age of space technology". Amira Howeidy writes



16th World Handball Championship
opens in Egypt next Tuesday

Summer SUDDENLY SUMMER: Even the residents of Egypt's northern port city, usually a summer refuge for thousands fleeing the sweltering Cairene temperatures, were feeling the burn last week as the mercury shot up 10 degrees Celsius almost overnight. --see caption--


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