Al-Ahram Weekly   Al-Ahram Weekly
27 May - 2 June 1999
Issue No. 431
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Brains ajar The last push
Not only have NATO airstrikes failed to stem the tide of refugees pouring out of Kosovo, but they have actually hastened the exodus of ethnic Albanians from the war-torn Yugoslav province, writes Gamal Nkrumah
NATO's bill of rights
The Western Alliance celebrated its half century by aligning itself with an aggressive American vision of the world. Karim El-Gawhary analyses the triumph of might over international law
Violations without borders
While sophisticated information technology is all the rage, journalists are still the target of old-fashioned repression -- murder, torture and imprisonment. Fatemah Farag reviews an eye-opening report
Priest Nation at war
Reporting from Tsorona on the Eritrea-Ethiopian frontier, especially for Al-Ahram Weekly, David Hirst paints a striking portrait of Africa's newest nation courageously battling against poverty, want and war

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