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27 May - 2 June 1999
Issue No. 431
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Waiting for Barak
Palestinian leaders are anxiously waiting for Ehud Barak to put his new political house in order. But, writes Graham Usher from Ras Al-Amud in occupied East Jerusalem, they might do better putting some order into their own
Barak prospects
Hassan Fouad was in Israel during the latest general elections. He comments on the significance and possible implications of Barak's victory
Settling scores?
A pro-Arafat official was killed and another escaped assassination in south Lebanon in less than 48 hours. There are conflicting reports on the reasons behind the attacks. Zeina Khodr, in Beirut, investigates
Israel's 'American vote'
Netanyahu lost his post mainly due to the fact that he lost the support of his closest allies in the US, writes Abdel-Azim Hammad

Offices for Washington's Iraqi friends
These are happy times for the US-backed Iraqi opposition groups. Yet, the real question, asks Al-Ahram Weekly, is whether they will be able to achieve their goal of ousting Saddam Hussein
Gaafar Nimeiri
Nimeiri goes home
The return of former Sudanese President Gaafar Nimeiri to Khartoum after 14 years in exile in Egypt sparked mixed reaction among Sudanese and political parties. --read on--
Kuwaiti women win franchise
The fate of an Emiri decree giving Kuwaiti women the right to stand for parliamentary elections, for the first time ever, in 2003 may depend on the results of an all-male poll come July. Sherine Bahaa reports
Maghreb neighbours
show reconciliatory spirit

Algerian officials were quick to refute statements made by President Bouteflika on his support for the creation of an independent state in the Western Sahara to avoid a new crisis in relations with Morocco, Dalal Abu Ghazaleh reports from Rabat
'Cautiously optimistic' about Jordan's economy
The world tour of Jordan's new king should help alleviate Jordan's economic woes, but at a price. Lola Keilani reports from Amman


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