Al-Ahram Weekly   Al-Ahram Weekly
23 - 29 September 1999
Issue No. 448
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The fate of nations
The tragic showdown in East Timor demonstrates once again the tragic consequences of the West's selective approach to national self-determination. Gamal Nkrumah compares and contrasts
Russia bares its teeth
Russia is stepping up its military offensive against Islamist militants in the Caucasus Mountains, writes Abdel-Malek Khalil from Moscow
A week in the world
Wet and windy
With impeccable timing, Hurricane Floyd spluttered ashore on the east coast of the USA on Thursday. Approximately two million Americans evacuated their homes, fearing widespread mayhem. Yet by the time Floyd hit the ground, wind speeds had dropped below 100 miles per hour, and while there was widespread physical damage and flooding, only seven people were reported killed during the first, and most dangerous, 24 hours. --read on--
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