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23 - 29 September 1999
Issue No. 448
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Oslo strikes back
Ehud Barak furrowed his own "secret channel" with Yasser Arafat this week. Graham Usher in Jerusalem looks at the probable items discussed
YEMENIS go to the polls today in the Arab state's first direct presidential elections, which long-serving President Ali Abdullah Saleh is expected to win easily against his only rival.
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Waiting for Bouteflika
Bouteflika won the support he said he needed to execute his plan for peace. Amira Howeidy asks what's next
Disney takes the Mickey
Arab countries threatened to boycott Walt Disney products after the company failed to address Arab concerns over an Israeli exhibition that portrays Jerusalem as the "eternal capital" of Israel, Rasha Saad reports
Targeting Hamas
Jordanian officials claim that "illegal acts" committed by Hamas were the reasons behind the crackdown in Jordan earlier this month. Lola Keilani reports from Amman
Death as an example
Death sentences issued by an Iranian court against four students who led demonstrations in July have prompted outrage, writes Safa Haeri
US dilemma over Iraq
While permanent Security Council members are holding intense discussions on the future of sanctions against Iraq, the US released a report revealing even more alleged facts on Saddam Hussein's suppression of his people, writes Salah Hemeid


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