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4 - 10 November 1999
Issue No. 454
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President Mubarak President Hosni Mubarak flew to Paris on Monday for medical tests following an ear infection. --read on--
Mrs Mubarak MRS SUZANNE Mubarak received Ms Lillian Pettigrew, head of the International Inner Wheel. During the meeting, the Inner Wheel clubs' activities, both on the local and international levels, were reviewed, in addition to the clubs' work in the health and educational fields and its activities benefiting children with special needs. --read on--
Culture for tomorrow's world
At the opening ceremony of the Second International Nile Festival for Children's Songs held on 28 October, Mrs Suzanne Mubarak was awarded a medal by the Fidof Organisation in recognition of her efforts in fostering and upgrading childhood cultural services in Egypt.

Uneven movement on Sudan reconciliation tracks
Movement towards reconciliation between Cairo and Khartoum appears to be well on course. But, as Dina Ezzat and Mohamed Khaled report, it is the Joint Egyptian-Libyan effort towards national reconciliation in Sudan that continues to face an uphill battle
Breaking the family china
Egypt and Kuwait acted quickly to contain rioting by Egyptian labourers in the Gulf state
Cairo unimpressed by Oslo photo op
Cairo is being more selective in exercising its role in regional peace-making

Pain and confusion
EgyptAir flight 990 had been in the air for just 30 minutes, in one of the world's busiest air corridors, when it plunged into the sea killing all on board. As investigations into the tragedy continue, Al-Ahram Weekly speaks to families of the victims, and finds that their distress is reinforced by anger
shocked grief

Weather hampers search
The US investigation into the crash is put on hold as ships are forced to return to port, writes Thomas Gorguissian from New York

'We need to know'
Amira Howeidy witnesses the nightmare aftermath of the biggest civil aviation disaster in Egypt's history

'Great sadness'
PRESIDENT Hosni Mubarak said he followed developments "minute by minute" as soon as he learned about the EgyptAir crash from international television channels early Sunday morning. A few hours later, the president's office issued a statement offering condolences to the families of the victims. "We feel great sadness and offer our deepest sympathy to all the families of the victims," said the statement.
--read on--

On course for tragedy
EGYPTAIR flight 990 originated in Los Angeles and was scheduled to fly from New York to Cairo. It departed Los Angeles 90 minutes late because a tyre was changed and arrived at John F. Kennedy airport just before 5.00 GMT on Sunday. At 6.20 GMT it took off for Cairo carrying 167 passengers who boarded at Kennedy, 32 passengers from Los Angeles and 15 crew.
--read on--

Victims families arrive in New York
Devastated family members of the victims of flight 990 arrived on Tuesday morning [East Coast Time] to Rhode Island hoping to identify the bodies of their loved ones. It was a forlorn hope. Apart from a single corpse, no bodies had been recovered. --read on--

Questions of responsibility
Following the downing of EgyptAir flight 990, EgyptAir Chairman Mohamed Fahim Rayyan insisted during a press conference at Cairo Airport on Sunday that the company "owns the most up-to-date types of aircraft, and they conform to all accepted safety standards".
--read on--

NDP calls opening shots
in parliamentary battle

The final session of the current parliament is unlikely to be smooth, predicts Gamal Essam El-Din
Shuffling along
Cabinet changes have been followed by a reshuffle of the nation's 26 governors. Shaden Shehab reports
Scratch a liberalisation policy
As Western and Egyptian scholars gather to measure the fallout from economic liberalisation, Omayma Abdel-Latif attends to their findings
Military courts to try Brothers
The clampdown on the banned Muslim Brotherhood reached a climax this week as 20 detainees were referred to military prosecutors, writes Jailan Halawi
The plot thickens
As Cairo is shrouded in a black cloud for a second week, Mariz Tadros finds nobody is quite sure what to make of it
Lifting the veil of smog
In an exclusive interview Environment Minister Nadia Makram Ebeid spoke to Mahmoud Bakr about her ministry's attempts to get to the bottom of the black cloud
Maneuvres Bright Star begins to fade: Troops from 11 nations, led by Egypt and the United States, joined forces to liberate a neighbouring country occupied by hostile forces. And so the Bright Star war games, the largest joint military manoeuvres the region has seen, reach their final stages, reports Amira Ibrahim. --read on--
Desperation in the air
Tensions are growing in Al-Fawakhir, home to small-scale potters and plaster workshops. Fatemah Farag talks to residents about their impending eviction

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