Al-Ahram Weekly   Al-Ahram Weekly
4 - 10 November 1999
Issue No. 454
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Plundering democracy
For many local commentators, Pakistan has just entered the darkest period in its history to date. Gamal Nkrumah looks for democratic light at the end of the military tunnel
Armenian tragedy
Armenia will never be the same again, after the murder of the premier and seven other parliamentarians, Thomas Gorguissian
A man for all people
Indonesia has a new president, writes Faiza Rady, but his politics may turn out to be just more of the same
Turning over a blood-drenched leaf
A new president is at the helm in Jakarta, and an independent Timor is at last returning to normalcy. A new page seems to be opening for both countries, but the cost has been terrible, writes Scott Burchill
Anyone for democracy?
On 24 October, Argentina voted for change. But no one is banking on a miraculous end to the country's problems, writes Hisham El-Naggar from Buenos Aires
A week in the world
Mad cows and Englishmen
It was not a good week for large mammals. Shortly before 5 pm last Friday, a panel of 16 European Union scientists declared that it was safe for Britain to recommence exporting beef to the continent, on..

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