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4 - 10 November 1999
Issue No. 454
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Friendship at a price
The establishment of full diplomatic ties between Mauritania and Israel has triggered a wave of criticism throughout the Arab world. Rasha Saad reviews the Arab reaction
The ongoing demise of UNRWA
As Palestinian and Israeli leaders gathered in Oslo to kick off the final status negotiations, a recent report looks at the performance of UNRWA during the Oslo era. It is utterly damning. Graham Usher reports from Jerusalem
Return denied
Though Israel cited security reasons for suspending its prior decision to allow the return of DFLP leader Nayef Hawatmeh to Palestine, the radical Palestinian leader told Sherine Bahaa there were more pernicious motives at work
No compromise on Hamas, yet
Hopes to secure the release of Hamas leaders jailed in Jordan have dwindled. Lola Keilani reports from Amman
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Khatami Détente and its discontents
President Khatami's French trip set a decidedly liberal tone. What is needed now, writes Azadeh Moaveni, is more patience from his hosts and his domestic supporters
Too many cooks...
US-backed Iraqi opposition groups ended a meeting in New York this week amid divisions in their ranks and clear warnings from entrenched Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, writes Salah Hemeid
Between two worlds
As Morocco's Berbers step up their fight for official recognition, Dalal Abu Ghazaleh explores the reasons behind the movement's sudden upsurge


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