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18 - 24 November 1999
Issue No. 456
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Ibrahim Nafie
Ibrahim Nafie:
In search of harmony

Gamil Mattar
Gamil Mattar:
The globalisation brigade marches on

Mohamed Sid-Ahmed
Mohamed Sid-Ahmed:
Ending the century, not History!

Mohamed Mandour
Mohamed Mandour:
The ends of the earth

Profile by Fayza Hassan

50 Years of Dispossession The complete archive of the
Special pages commemorating
50 years of Arab dispossession
since the creation of the State of Israel

"Khedive Ismail was busy preparing the reception of the visitors who were going to honour Egypt by their presence: Empress Eugénie, the Emperor of Austria, the Royal Prince of Prussia, the brother of the king of the Netherlands, the grand Duke of Luxembourg, the ambassadors and his own private guests attending the inauguration of the canal." --read on--
Once more into the breach by Fayza Hassan
From the Red to the Med by Amira Ibrahim

Conflicting interpretations
A decision on whether the FBI should take over investigation of the EgyptAir crash as a suspected criminal act has been delayed so that Cairo can examine the evidence, reports Thomas Gorguissian from Washington

Bitter harvest for 'sweetest' sugar
As international prices plummet, production costs rise and import barriers come crashing down, the markets are flooded with inferior goods and the livelihoods of thousands of Upper Egyptian cane farmers are put at risk. Fatemah Farag extracts the bitter facts about the struggle for Egypt's sugar industry

Barak dictates redeployment
Isolated pockets and barren desert is all Israel is willing to "transfer" to the Palestinian Authority in implementation of the revised Wye River agreement -- a mere taste of what's to come in the final status talks, writes Khaled Amayreh from Jerusalem

On a civilising mission?
Tantrums, practical jokes and verbal assaults aside, South Africa's Commonwealth summit still found time to focus on the world's poor, writes Gamal Nkrumah

In the eyes of a child
Give a child a paintbrush -- and expect the unexpected. Rania Khallaf uses her imagination


Here she lies buried
Is the project to expand the Sayeda Zeinab mosque and revamp its environs a bit of method in the wave of restoration madness? Gihan Shahine tracks down elements of past splendour in an area where urban expansion has encroached upon turn-of-the-century gentility

Getting to know you
Thus far, Egypt's new French coach has been a spectator but will soon be in the thick of things. Inas Mazhar reports on the man and his mission

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