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25 Nov. - 1 Dec. 1999
Issue No. 457
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A word to the negotiators
The odds are stacked against the Third World's representatives in Seattle, writes Adel Bishai. They would do well to arm themselves with all available weapons
Mistaken identities, part X
From now on, it seems it would be a lot easier if everyone who rode planes was white, writes Tarek Atia
A week in the world
Bribes for dams, cash for questions
It was a bad week for Western building contractors. On Thursday, a string of companies, whose names read like a roll call of international infrastructure development, were charged with corruption by prosecutors in Lesotho. on..
An Afghan tragedy
UN sanctions, rocket attacks in neighbouring capitals, and an elusive Islamist leader on the run, all play a role in the turmoil that has descended on the Taliban, writes Sameh Naguib
Opium of the masses?
Following the rowdy reception afforded US President Bill Clinton during his Greek stopover, Gamal Nkrumah wonders why so many international misdemeanours are blamed on religious fervour
Chechnya tops OSCE agenda
The Russian offensive against Chechnya dominated discussions at last week's OSCE summit. Gareth Jenkins reports from Istanbul
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