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23 - 29 December 1999
Issue No. 461
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Reflection of Pyramids

Pyramids of Reflection

THE NEW year is only a few days away, and on 30 December you will not find the regular Al-Ahram Weekly, packed with news and views, at your local newsstand. Instead, we have planned a commemorative issue to see the twentieth century off with a bang. Besides insightful analyses and entertaining commentary, readers can look forward to an impressive and enjoyable pictorial history of the people and events that have moved and been moved by Egypt.

And on the occasion of the dusk-to-dawn new year's eve extravaganza at the Pyramids, the Weekly is also offering its readers a new year's gift -- a 50-page Millennium Party 2000 magazine (cover pictured above). Just as Egypt has chosen to celebrate its own seventh millennium at such a significant location, we will provide our readers with a comprehensive, informative and entertaining look at the Pyramids; their history, mystery, technical brilliance and much, much more.

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